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Working for the past twenty years with major corporate collections, Sentry Art Advisory Services offers a complete range of art and artifact management services.  Our advisory services include collection master planning, curatorial research and selection, art acquisition, inventory data collection, collection review for re-use and liquidation, framing, installation, valuation, conservation, exhibition and archiving. Click Here for more »

It is Sentry Art Advisory Services’ mission to provide optimal consulting services which enable each client to create interiors reflecting their corporate image whether that is through the deployment of existing artwork, the purchase of new artwork, creative exhibition of historic corporate artifacts or the marriage of art, artifacts and branding in a corporate space. We are sensitive to our client’s aesthetic vision as well as budgetary considerations. Each project is approached upon its own needs and a reciprocal program is developed. Whatever our client’s objectives, our goal is to help them meet the challenge and surpass their expectations.

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The process begins with defining your company’s goals.

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